For over 60 years Mepal has been producing durable plastic consumer products designed for eating and drinking. Everyone is familiar with the drink bottles and lunch boxes with fun colours and designs for children, the extensive collection of camping dinnerware,  children's dinnerware, kitchen supplies and storage boxes. It is very likely that you are already using one of our products.

The company was founded in the 1950's and has since then built up an image of trustworthiness and reliability. For many of us the name Mepal stands for plastic consumer products.

A large part of the production is based in the Netherlands and all products meet the highest standard for materials, quality, safety and performance. The coordination of production, design, manufacturing and distribution is done in Lochem. From the beginning of its existence Mepal has always had its own design department, which gained a lot of expertise over the years. The combination of Dutch and Scandinavian design appeals to a wide range of people, however the main focus will always be on making our customers satisfied consumers.

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